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Accurate Assessments and Damage Inspections

Any damage to audiovisual equipment requires a quality assessment from an experienced claims expert. When it comes to damaged audiovisual systems across the country, Sound Stage Claims can assess the value of any lost equipment as well as any possible salvage options.

We also offer analysis as to whether items can be repaired or must require a complete replacement if the damage is too great. Audiovisual damage inspection occurs in-person or through our virtual inspection services – as your project requires. Our inspection and reporting systems are swift and help insurance providers meet important deadlines associated with the claim.

Reliable Expertise and a Better Understanding

We provide more than audiovisual damage inspection at Sound Stage Claims. Our team is also trained to look at the cause and the origin of any equipment issue. These detailed evaluations are a more thorough option to help insurance companies understand the cause and impact behind an incident.

It’s another reason why Sound Stage Claims is a trusted source for highly accurate audiovisual inspections after problems occur. Additionally, we can help provide a more detailed understanding of insured audiovisual equipment with strategic risk management consulting. Get in touch with Sound Stage Claims today to discuss all of your audiovisual equipment claim needs.

Areas of Expertise

Sound Systems

  • Paging Systems

  • Live sound systems

  • Nightclub sound systems

  • Restaurant sound systems

  • Church sound systems

  • Background sound systems

  • Indoor and outdoor sound systems

Lighting Systems

  • Theatrical Lighting

  • Stage Lighting

  • Nightclub Lighting

  • Entertainment Lighting

  • Dimming systems

  • Lighting Control Systems

  • LED Lighting

  • Theatrical curtains

Video Systems

  • Large and small size video display systems

  • TV’s

  • Video projectors

  • Video screens

  • Video control system